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Investment house, UK

With a history that goes back a century, M&G is one of the UK’s most established investment managers. M&G developed a campaign to help build a deeper understanding of their offer across Europe and Asia, and asked us to produce some high-end visuals to enliven their message. We created two single, meticulously detailed waterfront images that featured iconic buildings from each region. The images had to be highly versatile so that they might be cropped or magnified for any purpose, from the small screen of a handheld device to a huge printed backdrop for an exhibition stand, with no loss of quality or impact.

Deliverables two large format illustrations, Institutional brand guidelines and various design templates.

Templates_Adverts_New images1.jpg
Templates_Adverts_New images6.jpg
Templates_Adverts_New images4.jpg
Templates_Adverts_New images5.jpg
M&G GL 1.png
M&G GL 3.png
M&G GL 2.png
M&G GL 4.png
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