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London Borough of Lewisham

Lewisham Council has proved itself a keen advocate of adult learning, recognising the vital contribution it makes in developing people's skills, confidence and self-esteem. Acquiring practical skills or pursuing new activities has considerable benefits, from increasing one’s employment prospects to simply improving personal wellbeing. Annually, Lewisham Council asked us to create a new vibrant and engaging campaign which would announce the range of courses available. The projects had a limited budget and had to adhere closely to the council’s brand guidelines, but still inspire the borough’s residents to take the first step on a new path.

Deliverables annual prospectus, large format advertising, posters, flyers

AL Spreads 2012-2013.jpg
Adult Learnign Extras 2012-2013.jpg
AL Spreads v2 2012-2013.jpg
Adult Learning Bro 2011_2012.jpg
Adult Learning Bro 2011_2012_Spreads.jpg
Adult Learning Bro 2011_2012_Spreads 2.j
Adult Extras_2011_2012.jpg
Adult Extras_2011_2012_Spread.jpg
Adult Learning Bro 2011_2012_Main.jpg
Adult Learning Bro 2011_2012_Main_Intro.
Adult Learning Bro 2011_2012_Main_Conten
Adult Learning Extras 2010-2011.jpg
Adult Learning Extras 2010-2011_Spread.j
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