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British luxury fashion house

With designs we all recognise instantly, Burberry is a luxury brand that has international appeal but an unquestionably British character. When members of Burberry’s sales team visited independent retailers, much of their presentation would employ digital media. Yet it was felt that a more tangible, printed item – something which retailers would welcome being placed in their hands – was still desirable.

We devised a new concept and created a physical catalogue to work as both a sales tool and as a compelling memento of the meeting.

Deliverables seasonal B2B sales catalogues

B 2.jpg
Burberry hat.jpg
Burberry Cover.jpg
Burberry spread 3.jpg
Burberry shoot_1.jpg
Burberry spread 1.jpg
Burberry spread 1 copy.jpg
Burberry spread 2.jpg
Burberry spread 2 copy.jpg
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